Liv Handmade



Kristin Wincek is the driving force behind Liv Handmade—a true creative in both personal and professional realms. She works in marketing and design strategy, art/photo direction, brand building and for the most part, any creative endeavor involving aesthetics.

Liv Handmade was founded to honor her canine guardian angel, Olivia (Liv), who fell victim to an aggressive form of cancer in 2015. Kristin put her talents to work during this time of challenge and crisis, creating unique holiday wreaths. She continues to build upon the business, incorporating design, space and even edible works of art.

Her unique take on beauty allows her to transform the environment to showcase the good within it. Taking cues from nature and applying them to her design is evident from the unique treats she shares, to the powerful art she creates for those in search of truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Kristin surrounds herself with diverse and unique spirits that challenge perspectives and elevate and support growth. This openness has allowed her to find the courage to seek beauty in areas of challenge. 

Kristin also volunteers her talents with Tulo Beauty, a project that helps those who have been impacted by cancer find comfort during a time of transition.